Our Terms

Patients are advised that Mr Raman Sethi does bill Medicare/Health Insurance provider directly for Patient Accounts. All patients will receive an Account for professional services provided. You acknowledge that the patient or nominee named herein undertakes to pay the patient payment of the total amount on each attendance or any outstanding balance if your insurer or other payer does not cover the full costs of the consultation/treatment.

The account Services are itemised and any out of pocket expenses are discussed before or at the time of consultation

WorkCover and T.A.C patients must provide correct details of the organisation accepting liability for payment of services including their employer, insurance company and claim number before treatment is undertaken.

Outpatients/Telehealth Consulting services are not covered by Health Funds but are partially rebatable by medicare. You will be given your account after your consultation at which time settlement would be appreciated. Mastercard and VISA credit facilities are available.

The terms of the contract are settlement of all consultation accounts on the same day and surgical accounts within 30 days. Please note that your information may also be disclosed to a debt – collecting agency if payment has not been received by three months from the date of service.

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